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Die Hard HANUKKAH Advent Calendar

$45.00 - $70.00

Turns out it's not really a Christmas movie, it's a Hanukkah movie. All the proof you need is beautifully laid out in this article by Eric Schulmiller in the Awl


You can choose one with or without the integrated menorah top AND
You can choose to have a PG14 version without the MF-er, or the full version with the MF-er

The version with the integrated Menorah top includes 9 red flames that are held in place by strong neodymium magnets, so you can add and remove them as the days go on!

~11" tall and 4.5" wide at the base.
Made of Grade A birch ply.
Hans Gruber slides up and down on a magnetic strip - Hans himself has a small but powerful neodymium magnet glued to the back so he can also be used as a fridge magnet when the holidays are past.

This advent calendar was entirely designed by me and laser cut to order by me. Way too many hours spent staring at my computer to make this come true!

The advent calendar now comes with WOODEN stand pieces.

I want to give credit to the TRUE Original-original designer of the die hard advent calendar. That is the Redditor who made this post!

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