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Peloton (delta cleat) shoe mount - minimalist

$14.00 - $17.00

***Local pickup available - email me before placing your order***

Multiple colors and two styles to choose from.

These are sold in pairs! One order gets you two individual shoe mounts, so one order for one pair of shoes. Unless you order the single piece 3D printed mount - that is one piece but the one piece holds BOTH shoes.

Mount your peloton (or any Delta style shoe mount) shoes on the wall!! These are simple and hold your shoes securely in place.

I had seen a bunch of mounts but wanted something that was very minimalist while also looking good when the shoes weren’t on them. The design of the mount fits the angles of the delta hooks so they fit securely and the lift right off easily.

The mounts are pretty drilled and counter sunk so the screw head sits flush (or is set below the top of the mount - making it look far better!).

Pay special attention to the hammered steel and hammered copper options, the coloring on them is spot on, it genuinely looks like hammered copper and steel (I’m pretty proud of those two).

The red and black acrylic mounts are made of birch ply and a top layer of acrylic. All the other mounts are made of birch ply and painted the final color. They are secured together with crazy strong CA glues and pin nails, so, yeah, they’re lasting forever.

The single piece black and red mount is 3D printed and has hidden mounting holes in the back for an even cleaner appearance when mounted. It also has two inset red peloton logos inside it.