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About Us

I’m just a career fireman who wanted to make a small business out of his favorite hobbies.  I have a 600 square foot shop set up for wood working, laser cutting/etching, 3D modeling and fabrication.

Luckily my career as a fireman allows me quite a bit of time off, since our schedule is 24hrs on and 48hrs off.  I use the days off to make things and keep my dog out of trouble.



OR…. as a friend more eloquently described it;

“Sixteen iterations off anything that could be recognized as using any of his potential or making his parents proud, there’s a barking “fireman” that works more with wood and food grade plastics than his biology degrees.

His name is Simple Brandt, but he’s no dummy.

He realized long ago that the greatest thing he’d ever create was a heap of melted plastic that resembles a Star Wars droid.

In a 600 square foot shed, that moment is forever happening stuck in a loop through Simple Brandt’s unbridled desire to never conform to societies norms, or to mature past his prime.

You can capture for a min the feeling of the chemicals that run through his brain daily by buying some of this childish garbage. You gave up on a life of freedom long ago, but (secretly for a few hours every couple of months) you can come home to the impossible flavor of Brandt’s own completion. Come home to Simple Brandt Builds.”Where the magic happens