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The Lieu - MAGNETIC Aluminum Wedge

$37.50 - $45.00

Miller from a single piece of 6061 aluminum, this wedge has two 30lb magnets set into it. These magnets allow it to stay securely on your halligan, requiring intentional force to remove. You can leave the axe behind now, your halligan and this wedge can get you through most every door. The magnets also work to hold the wedge up to any hinges, holding the door open and ensure the wedge won’t fall out if someone moves the door.

These can be personalized with any image or text you want (ensure they find their way back to you after the fire). You’ll need to email me after purchase to let me know what text and provide me with any images (I need a high quality black and white image).
[email protected]

I am an authorized reseller (and only one offering laser personalization) of Wedgin Tools wedges