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Bokoblin Chest With LED Magnetic Rupee and Realistic Stone Texture

$30.00 - $70.00

Bokoblin chest with options for realistic stone texture, LED light to illuminate a magnetic rupee that appears to float inside the chest.

3D printed to order, the LED can be turned on and off either by clicking on the closed lid, clicking on the rupee mount when the lid is open, or the LED itself if you remove the rupee mount.

The rupee has an inset magnet in the back that allows it to attach to the semi-transparent magnetic mount - this gives the appearance that the rupee is floating inside the chest when you open it. And since the rupee is magnetic, you can also use it on your fridge! Or anything else metal.

Comes in two colors, grey with a realistic stone texture (I'm very proud of how much like stone this option both looks and feels) and a faux-marble white - it is a printer filament which is supposed to look like marble stone when printed. It isn't near as cool as the "realistic stone texture" option, but it does look a bit like its made of stone, and since this option is mostly white its still very easy to paint or change the color of it if you would like - I personally think it looks pretty good as is